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Top Posts From 2013

31 Dec

It’s great fun to look back and see what posts had powerful reactions. I’m surprised at the number of discrete visitors my blog experienced, as well as what people enjoyed.

Here are the top five most visited posts from 2013 on JvBUnCorked, with appropriate links:

Am I surprised at what was popular? You bet. I never thought that my commentary on wine stores or new models of tasting would get so many views. As far as the wines I have reviewed and the smaller winemakers that I like to champion, I think they are heartily and well deserved. Don’t you?

I’m serious about the question. Let me know what you think. If there are topics you’d like to see more of, things you’d like to see on JvBUnCorked, comments or even constructive criticism, I’m open to suggestions. Email me at jvbuncorked@gmail.com with your thoughts.

Wishing you the happiest of new years, and a lovely 2014.


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