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Rare and Fun for the New Year: Banyuls 1962!

1 Jan

Domain Pietri Geraud 1962 Banyuls Vin Doux Naturel, Languedoc-Roussillon, France. 17% ABV, Prices from $70-120/bottle online.


The year is 1962.
JFK is President; the USA, Russia and Cuba experience the Cuban Missile Crisis. Marylin Monroe dies of an overdose at age 36, James H. Meredith, escorted by federal marshals, registers at University of Mississippi. A first class stamp costs $0.04. Johnny Carson takes over hosting duties on The Tonight Show. The films Lawrence of Arabia and To Kill a Mockingbird are released…

and winemaker Pietri Geraud makes a Banyuls wine!

The banyuls wines I have tasted previously were amber or white wines. This red wine (aka Banyuls Rouge), is made from grenache noir grapes.



According to the manufacturer, this wine was aged, stored and kept intact in oaken barrels since its harvest. Bottled recently in 2014 at the tender age of 52, it has been maintained by the domain’s owners and his heirs under optimal conditions and without any treatment.

Tasting notes: Color is deep garnet. Nose shows candied fig and baked blackberry jam. In the mouth, fully mature blue and black fruit revealing gentle acidity, delving into a sweet and  mouthwatering finish of baked strawberry compote. Feels akin to a beautiful port wine that was blended with a small amount of a superior madeira, slightly oxidized. A delightful dessert wine with enough acidity to be an excellent aperitif or specialty drink.  

This Geraud 1962 Banyuls was delicious, delightfully fun, and unusually rare. I hope you will share something special you’ve experienced!


à votre santé!

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