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Joya Red & White Sangria

24 Aug

Joya Sangria, La Puebla de Almoradiel, Spain. 12%ABV, $12.95/bottle MSRP. Samples provided by Aaron Kendall, CSS, Innovative Marketing LLC

The red is a blend of tempranillo, garnacha, and bobal grapes. This classic Spanish drink is actually purple in color and features a nose of sweet black cherry and boysenberry, those flavors carrying through the palate and the finish. If made per the directions, “Just Add Ice, Garnish with Fruit” it is indeed a fun adult beverage. I tried the wine (incorrectly) first alone and found it full of bright red fruit but cloyingly sweet. Yet with a few ice cubes, a squeeze of lime and a tiny slice of apple, I was pleasantly surprised as the sweetness melted under the acidity and the sangria felt familiar and enjoyably relaxing, like the sun on the Mediterranean sea.

Made from the Airén grape, Joya White Sangria’s color is pale straw with a light green tinge. The delicate nose offers a hint of pear and honey. In the mouth, stone fruit- young pear and tart green apple blend with gentle acidity for a pleasing sensation. it features a medium finish; fruit lingering on the back palate.

Both these wines would be perfectly at home in the backyard during a warm afternoon or accompanying tapas. While I’ve not previously sought out sangria, I think these wines will offer welcome opportunities for the adventurous wine lovers who long for a bit of Spain in their hearts and on their palates, or those who wish to entertain with something different- and this might be the perfect pour.


à votre santé!

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