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UnCorking the 2009’s

4 Jul

As the title says, I’ve just begun to taste and open a few of the ’09 Bordeaux. Each taste makes me wish I’d purchased more.

Chateau Saint Julian Bordeaux Supérieur 2009. $14/bottle, from Sherry Lehmann. 14%ABV.

On the nose: black fruit, fresh cut wildflowers, hint of must. Color is violet with ruby edging. In the mouth, this wine exudes a mountain of cassis, ripe blue and black fruit. Hints of clay, flint, new oak and black earth evoke from the mid and back palate. Good acidity and tannins with a lengthy finish, on first tastings I had notes of limestone and saddle leather but they dissipated with more air.

This is only the second Bordeaux bottle I’ve opened from the famed 2009 vintage. On the one hand, I wish that I had left the bottle to age, as one can really taste where this wine will be in three to five more years. On the other hand, it drinks quite nicely at the moment. With 14% alcohol, I find this a “hot” wine but it cuts through a rich meal and drinks nicely on its own. It would be nice to have a few cases of this and open a bottle every few months to do long-term notes, but alas, I missed the opportunity- my local vendor only has the 2010 left.

Uncorked, this is a nice wine that drinks well but shows great promise and potential for the future.

Cht Saint Julian


à votre santé!

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