Cantina Terlano St. Magdalener Häusler, 2011

3 Jan

photo-8Cantina Terlano St. Magdalener Häusler, 2011. Alto Adige, Italy. From Garnet Wine, $17/bottle, 12.5% ABV.

Color is pale violet with garnet edging, a delicate nose of herbs and young red fruit. In the mouth, the acidity cuts across the palate first and then the fruit appears with an evolving finish, allowing this red blend to gently take the taster by surprise. Cherry, young sour blackberry, and some green vegetation are predominant flavors with gentle aftertones of aged wood, stone, and sandy slate. Nice to enjoy by itself, but due to mild tannins this wine shines best when paired with food.

The blended balance of lagrein (15% ) and schiava (85%) grapes makes this wine just sing of its heritage of the Tyrolian vineyards, the high hillsides featuring cold nights, while days are spent in bright sun. While this Häusler is an obvious perfect match for northern italian cuisine, it might shock you in its flexibility, pairing easily with many cuisines and types of food. Subtle, delicious and addictive, it reminded me of pricey red burgundies and made me want to stock bottles of this in my cellar. Try it, you’ll know what I mean.

Here’s a link to the manufacturer’s website, for more information.


à votre santé!


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