When Silly Labels Sell Wine

4 Jul

Rex Goliath Pinot Noir (no marked vintage), Madera, CA

Purchased at Mayfair Wine, $7/bottle; 12.5% ABV.

I usually don’t fall for the cutesy/silly labels, but this one got me. A giant 47 pound rooster on the label? Really? What marketing/ad exec thought that was a good idea? I think it was someone who doesn’t take themselves so seriously, while they make sophomoric phallic references. But I was amused,  so I asked the proprietor what he knew about it. He said, plainly, “For the money, you can’t go wrong.”

Light garnet in color with a cherry cola nose. Plenty of bing cherry fruit up front on the palate featuring a hint of vanilla and a slight note on the finish of toasted oak. This is a basic and easy-going pinot noir that doesn’t have those often found ‘too bright, too acidic’ flaws one experiences in many other cheaper pinots. Gentle, simple, and  straightforward, this is a solid value assuming it proves to be consistent over time. While the lack of any vintage marking is always a worry for me, at this price it should be easy to keep in stock and pick it up locally. And John is right,  for the money, you really can’t go wrong.

The link to the winemaker’s website is here.


à votre santé!


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