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A Mother’s Day Wine Gift, from Mom

12 May

I called my Mother to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day. She surprised me by thanking me for writing my wine blog!

I was shocked to say the least.

It seems that my parents, nearly retired, have been attending more and more wine get-togethers with their friends and neighbors, tasting and trying new things. My parents don’t care much for white wines, but they have been trying wines outside their normal comfort zone, and recently found a white that surprised them in how much they enjoyed it!

(She has no idea about the post that will appear soon in JvB UnCorked about the Lagrein grape and my sermon-like post on trying new things! Won’t she be surprised!)

My mom explained she has started to realize what she likes about various wines, and how she now appreciates their depth and structure, the secondary notes, the accents that take a wine from the merely enjoyable to the sublime. My mother notes that since reading my blog, now she too, sometimes gets excited by sensing the change in the palate as oxygen runs over the wine held in the mouth, how the flavor range expands and the savory notes can come forth after the initial rush of fruit. These are learned elements that often require serious appreciation to acknowledge, and out of the blue my beloved mother is telling me how much she loved one wine, was bored by another, and noticed elements that were present or missing in others!

From the lady who gave me an appreciation for listening to others, for the French language, for reaching out to those we don’t know-

I was hoping to lift her spirits with my appreciation, but she topped me by giving me a gift back on Mother’s Day.

Here is a toast to all the mothers out there, and especially to mine, a wonderful, warm, intelligent and charming woman who has wowed my friends and family her entire life. On your day, and every day, I raise my glass to you, with love, adoration and appreciation that only a child can have for a parent.

And to all my readers on the anniversary of launching UnCorked , thanks for reading, and may you open a wine that excites you, that helps you love the experience of trying new things.

à votre santé!

(thanks to Charles & Lynnette for sharing the picture below!)


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