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21 Mar

My tasting and writing calendars don’t always mesh.

I have several wines I’ve reviewed that didn’t make it. Sometimes they just aren’t good enough for you, my reading public.

Alternatively, sometimes I’ve taken the tasting notes, shot the pictures, paired & enjoyed the wine… and still just don’t feel the muse about writing anything about that wine. Maybe the wine was good, but the experience felt…lacking.

Yesterday I was tasting a glass of wine…enjoying the nose, ascertaining flavors, when my eye drifted to a bottle in my tasting cue. I left my glass and notes, turned from the table. I picked up the siren that silently called my name, felt the heft, the weight of this dame. I examined her back to see that it was a different wine than I thought, yes, the cab, but a different vineyard… I popped the cork, poured the deep black viscous liquid, inhaled the aroma, and sipped the nectar through my teeth in an entirely pretentious way. (My children, wife,  and some friends have made fun of me for this, while other oenophiles have encouraged it.) For a moment, I was in heaven.

I sat with the glass of this delicious, amazing wine and just enjoyed. I’m not writing about this wine, I’m just living in a quiet moment of perfection, and loving the moment.


I hope you celebrate your own moment of perfection soon!

à votre santé!

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