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Two Organic 2010’s

16 Mar

Frey 2010 Mendocino Chardonnay, $14.50/bottle at Mayfair Wine, Queens NY

Light straw with a greenish tint. When uncorked, the initial nose included p-mentha-8-thiol-3-one (remember my favorite descriptive term, cat urine?) Fortunately this aroma dissipated quickly after airing, and the nose completely changed.

Frey Chardonnay

After airing, I got lime, spearmint, sulfur, and daffodil on the nose. In the mouth, I sensed sweet pear and tart green apple with lemon zest and a strong acid backbone. It stayed consistent over three days with refrigeration, and paired well with fish, pasta, and light flavors. I served this to others who enjoyed it with meals and had no complaints, so I feel that the average wine drinker would be happy to enjoy this. I looked at the Frey Website and found out the 2011 vintage is rated at 90 points and won a gold medal. I think I’ll keep an eye out and give that one a taste as well!

Here’s a link to the Frey home page.

Our Daily Red 2010 California Organic Table Wine, 9.99 at Mayfair Wine

Garnet color with ruby edging. With a nose of cassis and rose bush, this red blend has cherry and blueberry dominant on the palate, a dry finish with a hint of sour cassis, and I was pleasantly surprised by this organic, no-sulfite wine. For the oenophile, this is a passable vin du table, but for the vegan, the organic-preferred health conscious, this is a great find! If you know sulfite-sensitive asthmatics, this is a wonderful option. I opened this bottle, did not refrigerate, and it was both good and largely unchanged for three days, when we finished the bottle.

Our Daily Red

I think this market (organic, sulfite-free wine) has huge potential, and Our Daily Red is doing a great job. Word on the web is this wine has cornered the market in San Francisco. According to this informative video by The People’s Chemist, The People’s Red has another organic brand called Well-Read wine that is carried only by Trader Joe’s.

Whether you are interested in organic and sulfite-free wine because you 1) support organic agriculture,  2) want preservative-free wine, 3) are asthmatic, or 4) believe in sustainable farming, it doesn’t really matter. This is a wine and a brand I’d suggest you check it out for yourself. And of course, the label is a great pun in its own imagery.

à votre santé!

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