Part 2: Oh Susanna! (My Favorite Chardonnay) Continued…

18 Nov

Here’s part 2, a follow-up response for those who have been privately asking me how Susanna responded to my blog post about her quest for the perfect, under $20, rich & creamy Chardonnay! Who knew that I’d get several emails and private posts discussing this quest for a great chardonnay, many of whom had tried several on my list but loved seeing the other suggestions. It got solid responses in unusual forms, so in respect to those who reached out,  here is the rest of the story.

-Susanna replied to me directly via my facebook page, with this followup conversation:

S: “Okay JVB – I loved your list. A lot of great wines listed there. La Crema is actually $16 down here so that’s a little too pricey for everyday drinking for me. Here is my list of $10ish a bottle wines:
J Lohr
Wolf Blass

Seems I’m partial to South Australian Chardonnay.”

J: “Susanna, much appreciated, more to look at! Question for you- the Australian Chard’s are creamy but not in my tasting very oaky- so are you revising your perspective/goals to more the rich & creamy but not necessarily oaky chardonnays?”

S: “Jim, probably. I’m not very good at identifying qualities of wine, I just know what I like. My friend Julie identified that the Aussie chards were my favs. I will say that I love anything described as ‘rich’ hahahaha!”

I love that Sus is witty and strong. She stands her ground on price and demands great flavor in that range- more power to her! And I’m also intrigued by her list, so I had a long look at her wine suggestions. For your ease and enjoyment, here are links to those wines she lists. You can click on the name and the link will open a new window with the destination.

J Lohr


Notes: 1. Angeline is actually Californian, not Aussi! 2. To see the best info on this wine, go to the Martin Ray wineshop on their website, then click on Angeline on the left side, then scroll down below the Sauv Blanc & click on the yellow Angeline Chardonnay label and you will access details on the 2011 Chardonnay, which doesn’t want to have a direct link for some reason. or you can also copy and paste:       -JvB

Rosemount Estate

Wolf Blass

The important thing to take away from this series of blog posts in my opinion, is that all that matters is that you find what wines you love, and enjoy them. The journey is a path of wonderment, and we grow and learn more every day.

à votre santé!



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