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The bad wine day.

21 Aug

It happens. Sometimes you get a wine you really don’t like.

My wine-loving neighbor shared one with me last night- she ordered a bottle that had good reviews, was priced highly for a supermarket wine- and she got this instead: Shinn Estate Vineyards Chardonnay 2011, from the North Fork of Long Island. She smiled and poured me a glass as my family and I recounted our week, and she watched my face as I tasted the Shinn Chardonnay. It had a mildly fruity nose with some herbs, but no flowers. Likewise, I tasted no sweet fruit on the palate but it had the acidity of citrus without the fruit. I also noted it had the bitterness of a buttery chardonnay without the lush, rich back palate. This confused me completely, and didn’t seem to mesh with what was typed on the bottle: “exotic fruit and gentle mouthwatering acidity”, with “silky texture” and “polished finish”. I drank several sips, and swallowed, then tried it again after a few minutes and spat, dumping the contents in my flower pot. No wine is for everyone, but I wouldn’t serve this wine to anyone I liked at all.

I’m hoping that this was a rare bottle that was accidentally subjected to heat and subsequently lost its character- at $20/bottle, wine should not have these massive flaws- but to be honest, I don’t think I’d be willing to taste this wine again if I had to pay for it.

Better luck next time. While it maybe painful to review a bad wine, I think it’s important to always be honest no matter what, and share that with you ,the reader, good or bad. So I hope this was a rare bad bottle, but either way I doubt I’ll be buying more to find out. What my neighbor found out (with friends who agreed before I tasted it) and I confirmed after an unknown, uninformed taste test, is that this is not a good bottle/vintage, and I don’t recommend that you pay to try or taste it. Better luck next time!

If you’re interested in the Shinn Estate Vineyards, you can check out their website here.

à votre santé!

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