2010 Chateau du Cléray, Sauvion Gros Plant

30 Jul


2010 Sauvion ‘Chateau du Cléray’ Gros Plant du Pays Nantais

Gros Plant du Pays Nantais is the alter ego name for the folle blanche grape grown in the western Loire Valley of France. A less popular grape than Loire’s popular export  Muscadet, the gros plant grape is used heavily in the creation of cognacs and armagnacs. Unlike Muscadet however, gros plant wines have less flavor and higher acidity. While this may sound less than ideal, the result is a subtle and delicious local vin du table that rarely is exported. It is similar to a fine prosecco (minus the bubbles) and if you like a dry white to accompany a fatty fish such as salmon, this would be a perfect match. As the label displays sur lie, the grapes are matured very carefully on the vine for the correct blend and painstakingly crafted by the vintner

Luckily for the oenophile, Chateau du Cléray’s Gros plant du Pays Nantais is one of the few that made it across the Atlantic into our supply. Chateau du Cléray is a gentle and delicate white, the nose has a hint of citrus, the palate is bone dry with a hint of lemon and little else- making the wine perfect as an aperitif (from the Latin “to open” the palate), to stimulate the appetite, and to enjoy with an amuse-bouche, appetizer, or seafood entrée. 

This wine certainly won’t pair with just anything, but it is a perfect, understated wine that I am very happy to have tasted and added to my cellar to provide a perfect pairing in the correct moment. At $10/bottle, this Gros Plant demonstrates solid value and an excellent resource at that price!

à votre santé! 

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