Old Coach Road Sauvignon Blanc 2011

20 Jun

If you read my last commentary on the ‘meh’ wine experience, you might enjoy knowing that I recently had not one, not two, but THREE back to back ‘meh’ experiences with new wines. It’s my personal position that I won’t share a “C” wine, even if it’s just a basic vin du table, in the same way I wouldn’t review the neighborhood diner- who wants to hear, “yeah, it’s a meal” or the oenophilic equivalent, ‘it’s drinkable’? Not me!  Ergo, you haven’t seen me mention those wines.

After tasting three ‘meh’ wines in a row, I opened the Old Coach Road Sauvignon Blanc 2011. From Nelson, New Zealand, this is a family owned & operated winery operating since 1975. And I enjoyed it, so I get to share it here!


This white wine has a pale straw color and a flowery, citrus-forward nose. On the palate there is a nice balance of green fruit, crisp and tasty, with notes of apple and peach to provide a classic Sauv Blanc with a good balance of acidity and a medium finish. I’ve seen this advertised online for $12/bottle, though the winery website sells it at the list price of $15/bottle. On the lower end of the price scale, it’s a decent table wine that is nice and easy on its own or when paired with summer meals like shellfish, salads, light cheeses, or white meats.

This one is a keeper I can stand behind as a wine that Sauv Blanc lovers will enjoy. It’s a solid B quality vine du table, I wouldn’t hesitate to serve at brunch or for the neighbors in the backyard for a relaxing glass at sunset. While it won’t ever be my first pick for a Sauvignon Blanc and I can find much better values in my local wine stores, I would not turn down a glass of this wine: it is a good example of the light, gentle drinking grape that is easily enjoyed.

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