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Chateau Climens Sauternes 1990

18 Jun

Chateau Climens Sauternes 1990

Color of light, golden apricot and nose of botytris, sweet peach and honey. In the mouth again apricot is dominant, with honey, then pineapple, and small flourishes of quince & orange peel. This vintage surpasses the lesser Sauternes and Barsac wines I’ve tasted and also compares quite favorably to the d’Yquems I have experienced. Opening this at 20 and 22 years, I’m thrilled to have tasted this wine- perfection with savory dishes and showing additional note of vanilla when paired with desserts. Not until after appreciating these bottles did I see the reviews that rate this wine- consistent 94/95 scores. Drinking this wine brings an immediate smile to my face, and a slight tinge of regret that this is the last time I may taste this vintage.

If you’ve read my comments on auction wine, you might enjoy knowing that I purchased this bottle at auction as part of a mixed case. The key bottle in the case was a Margaux I was aching to get my hands on. Two half-bottles of Chateau Climens 1990 were part of the deal. Since opening the first and now second of these, I’m wishing I had more of them- while they are available, it’s at a steep price.

If you enjoy sweet wines or have any interest, this wine pairs beautifully as a foil to fois gras, cheeses, or pate’s and is a lovely complement to desserts from a vanilla flan to powerful chocolate. Powerful in its own rights, small servings are appropriate.

A votre santé!

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