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Chateau Trocard 2007 Bordeaux Superieur

21 May

Chateau Trocard 2007

Garnet color, complex floral nose with black plum a touch of graphite.

The palate shows red and black fruit, with strong acidity and light tannins.

This is an award-winning wine, a Gold Medal 2009 winner. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why, as I drank this wine but didn’t enjoy it. I tried, honestly. I tried this wine on three different tastings on three different days, and never got beyond ‘passable’. The funny thing is, I really wanted to like this wine. But the acidic palate and mouthfeel left me tepid. I hope I experienced a rare, bad bottle. If I had liked it, this wine would be a steal at 12/bottle,and I’ve seen it as low as 9/bottle online!  If you’ve tried this wine, I hope you’ll share your experience with me.

Should I buy and taste another bottle, or let it go and move on? 

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