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Syrah Domaine Bassac (Organic) 2009

19 May

Gifts That Keep on Giving: Syrah Domaine Bassac (Organic )2009

At a recent B’way opening, a thoughtful friend gave me a bottle of wine. How appropriate, and how appreciated! What the giver didn’t know is how much I appreciate organic wines, and how rare it is to find good organic red wines. My MUCH better half has serious asthma and sulfites found in red wines can cause terrible asthma attacks, so I was highly impressed to find a lovely Syrah from the Loire region that’s been grown, matured, cultivated, selected, crushed, fermented, aged- all organically.

“But how does it taste?” you ask? “Delicious!”, I answer. Rich with a nose of wildflowers, raspberry and gravel, the palate has bold flavor of boysenberry, cassis and a hint of blueberry and black pepper with bold tannins. Nice and tight, almost lip-smacking, on the finish. YUM! I made a chicken stir-fry with lots of fresh, powerful ginger root, scallion, green beans, red pepper, broccoli & snow peas. I let the Syrah breathe and tasted it whenI put the snow peas in to finish cooking, and enjoyed the bold flavors. It paired wonderfully, the bold fruit and tannins matching up against my mix of asian spices, complementing the fresh crisp veggies in the spiced dish perfectly. If you like organic wines, this one is a great choice from the Loire Valley that’s made with love and care, organically. You’ll enjoy it, I sure did!

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