Chateau Clerc Milon 2007

15 May

Chateau Clerc Milon 2007

Classified by the AOC in 1855, purchased by the Baron de Rothschild in 1970 and considered lieutenant to the great Mouton Rothschild, this wine offers the wine enthusiast a glimpse into the hallowed ground of French oenophiles- not unlike walking across the field at Yankee Stadium, Wrigley Field or Fenway Park and standing on second base, leaving you with the impression of standing amongst the greatest players of all time.

When my eye caught this bottle, I jumped at the opportunity to secure it and then waited over a month for an opportunity to taste it. I had hoped for my brother-in-law to be in town (either one, both love wine and are great company) but alas, that didn’t happen. The bottle glared at me from the buffet where it sat in cue, being ignored as I selected much lesser houses, grapes, vintages. But finally I was able to cook for my family, and the meal was designed to match a Pauillac . So recently I had my very first taste, and the following evening round two to confirm my impressions.

Color is a warm violet with garnet hues and a gentle edge. The nose is a gentle mix of red and black fruit with floral notes. My final impression was dusty rose, an element that seems to follow classic Bordeaux I adore.

I digress: I confirmed the dusty rose as soon as the wine hit the top of my mouth, along with black currants, vine-ripened cherry and red plum with rose petal, traveling back along the palate with notes of vanilla, gravel, oak.

But the flavors- supple fruit, delicately balanced, no harsh acid or forced tannins- everything is in place. The tannins finally appeared at the lengthy finish with a satisfying pull.

This wine is classic, mature, balanced, and beautiful. The Clerc Milon is seductive, delicious, and begs to be appreciated. Hard to find, on the expensive side (over $50/bottle) and requiring a real sense of appreciation, this is a wonderful gift or luxury item and is ready to be enjoyed now or caved for future opportunities.

My wine bucket list is shorter by one.

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