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12 May

I don’t honestly know what first made me enamored of wine. I recall wine being more for family dinners and sacraments in my earliest memory of wine. My sister and I were allowed to taste the wine, not drink, until like most European families, we demonstrated first both interest and responsibility, then finally restraint- and were rewarded with a partial glass at our place setting at only the most special family dinners. The first bottle I cared about was a bottle of Dom Perignon 1982 I bought for my parent’s anniversary. It was, in a word, sublime. At that point I’d been drinking and enjoying wine for years but much like beer at a cookout, I simply expected it for a fancy dinner. I’d not had an ‘aha!’ moment- nothing really special about wine had really hit me before The Dom.


The Dom was really special, like a baked Alaska, but far more costly. It took a long time for me to appreciate what I actually knew about wine and to find out that not only did I care, but that I cared A LOT about wine, and that it required some attention, and a commitment.  It’s kind of like marrying a person because you want to be with them, and then you agree to have and raise kids because… because it’s with THEM. And you would survive anything as long as its with THEM.

At this point in my life, I have to admit I truly adore wine. I’ve grown to appreciate the simplicities, the complexities, wine’s necessary place in my existence… much like advanced math. I didn’t care for trig and calculus in high school, but now I use them in my every day life. I knew some about wine but I didn’t know from the terroir to the vine to the barrel to the glass- which to me now has a huge impact.

My shared experiences hopefully will impact you in a positive way.  I truly enjoy sharing my joy of the vine, helping others find wines they appreciate on many levels. I hope my blog will assist you in finding things to try and perhaps expand your palate or assist you in determining what you like, dislike, and love,  which in the end, is what it’s all about- tasting, sharing, pairing.

Á votre santé!  /  Cheers!


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