Modus Operandi’s Petite Syrah 2009 & Vicarious 2009

29 Apr

Modus Operandi Petite Syrah 2009 

The ’09 Petite Syrah is a very small bottling- only TWO barrels were made, it’s rare and pricey at $50/bottle.

Very deep, blackish-purple in color. The nose is floral: African violet & blackberry.  The mouthfeel is dense with loads of black fruit. Powerfully strong blackberry, plum, and cassis start on the forward palate and takes a massive fruit finish with a gentle wash of gravel, root and cedar with a hint slate. My tasting notes reiterate: What a nice, even and lasting finish. Label suggest decanting 2-24 hours prior to drinking, I decanted three hours before first tasting, and drank it for several days before refrigerating and finally finished the bottle a week after opening with almost the same delight in the flavor every time.

This wine is easy to appreciate with its depth and complexity. Jason Moore (the winemaker) seems to be part chemist and part inventor. His wines are experimental blends done in small lots,  and when he releases a wine to the public it’s a delicious symphony in a flavorful bottle. Well worth the price, an amazing, special treat on the opposite end of my snooty French Bordeaux favorites.

Modus Operandi Vicarious 2009 (red blend)

Color: Inky, deep purple. Nose of blackberry, red plum,  vanilla, orchid, and spice box.

This dense, huge, fruit-forward wine is in a word, amazing. Massively fruit forward, it explodes in the mouth with cassis, plum, and berry and has a lengthy finish.

Best when decanted before tasting, this blend (Merlot,  Petit Syrah, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon) is from grapes in multiple vineyards, carefully selected, sorted and fermented and ages 22 months in new French oak. This wine demonstrates Jason Moore’s work as that of a master winemaker and in my opinion, a wine artiste!

12 barrels made  (300 cases) At 45/bottle, it’s not for the light of heart but it’s so completely worth it. This is a wine to taste, enjoy, and share with friends. Again, these wines are shockingly delicious and HUGE.

Jason Moore is a passionate, talented winemaker. His wines were introduced to me by a passionate wine lover.

I’m now sharing them with you. Please do the same.


4 Responses to “Modus Operandi’s Petite Syrah 2009 & Vicarious 2009”

  1. Dave Tosti-Lane June 3, 2012 at 6:02 pm #

    Hi Jim, kicking back with the MO 2009 Cab – really nice. Don’t have the words really or the practiced taste for the details, but it is lovely – inky purple, smooth mouthfeel, nice fruit and so, so delicious. So complex – just fabulous. Opened it and took a small taste which was great, but a tiny bit sharp and edgy. After about two hours, poured through a Venturi aerator, didn’t want to use our decanter since it doesn’t seal well and we’re stretching this over a day or two. Sharpness was gone, opened out nicely. Looking forward to seeing how this is tomorrow (vacuum seal for the evening). Totally worth the cost – they ship fast too. Probably will try the Sauvignon Blanc sometime next week.
    Turns out I did join the club;-). So, in about a week we should be getting a third bottle of the Cab, a bottle of the Vicarious Rose (4 barrels produced) and a bottle of the 2009 Boyd Vineyard Merlot ( just 1 barrel!).
    The red blend and the Petit Sirah are both sold out, very tempted to pick up a bottle of their Valhalla blend while it lasts, but we’re planning a Walla Walla tour in July, so probably should leave some room on the credit cards for the inevitable carnage that will cause!
    Dave Tosti-Lane


    • jimvanbergen June 4, 2012 at 2:17 pm #

      So glad you’re enjoying the Modus Cab, and hope to hear how you like the Sauvignon Blanc! Jason’s wines are wonderful, agree that it’s best to give his blends plenty of air, and they perform wonderfully.

      Like you, my decanter doesn’t seal. But I don’t worry, here’s why: if you have a funnel you can always return the wine back to the bottle afterwards and vacuum seal. But if it’s really only over a two-day period, I wouldn’t worry about vacuum sealing, in my experience MO wines will not turn in only a couple days; but if I’m trying to get a wine to survive a week or more after opening, I vacuum seal and refrigerate.



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