From JvB’s Cellar (Bin #4): Cab ’08 Challenge (3-20-11)

26 Mar

Two new cabernet sauvignons I’ve been wanting to try from a local shop. Both have been previously suggested by fellow wine lovers. I was looking for a short, three bottle comparison. Sadly the third wine, a kosher Zmora, almost got in but turned out to be an ’09. Sorry, you’re out!

‎#1: (on the left) 14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon ’08 from Washington. Floral nose w/ cherry, black currant, strong spice. It had lots of early astringency and bite in the palate. A decent under $10 value but I’m not bowled over. Tried it with several foods, it paired best with chocolate. This is going to be someone’s favorite Cab, but for me… I’d pass. It’s drinkable, but not something I’ll really enjoy unless I found the right pairing complement.

#2: (on the right) Edge Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 from Napa. The winemaker’s pedigree here is evident with a complex, delightful wine that sports berry and delicate spices across a softer palate with balance and grace as if its aged years already. Drinkable now, it’s obvious why this costs 2x the 14 Hands- it’s a $20 bottle that compares well to $40 Californian standards. Buy & drink now or cave, I’d serve this for a dinner party as the depth of this wine will pair well with just about anything– I can see this working beautifully from salmon to bison to delicate (vanilla-based) desserts like flan or cheesecake. If you are game for a $20 Napa Cab- try this. I think it’s a home run!

Challenge Winner: Edge 2008 Cab.

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