From JvB’s Cellar (Bin#3): Five great Malbecs to tempt your palate and please your wallet! (3-20-11)

20 Mar

Five Malbec suggestions: First, the best thing going these days in entry-level wine: Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina. These run as low as $9/bottle and most are an excellent value!

Los Alamos (2005-2009 are solid: red berry dominates with vanilla and oak, a little tart on the finish, a great entry into the world of Malbec.

Kaiken- the 2007-2009’s are similar: floral with red fruit and oak barrel notes, and perfect with most foods.

Catena Zapata- expensive in my list at 13-14/bottle, lush and gets ratings over 91 by top vinophiles- to me, it’s just a solid quality vineyard! The reserve goes for about 20/bottle and is fabulous to serve to guests: a real crowd pleaser!

MMM- Miguel Mendoza Malbec- from 06′-’09, from $12-16. Lush, fabulous.

Lancatay 2008/2009 Malbec: 90 score from Wine Adocate, fruity, floral, firm, and consistent. $7-10

Take these five to your local REAL wine store. Ask what Malbecs they have and what best “value or bang for the buck” they have. I bet you find two of these at least, but maybe more, and maybe something I don’t know that you will suggest to me!


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  1. the winegetter June 1, 2012 at 11:52 am #

    Thanks for these pointers. My wife is obsessed with Malbecs, and we will definitely give these a try!!


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